How to Travel with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the most convenient form of eye correction. Everyone knows that. However, they can be quite a hassle when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. This is especially true when it comes to traveling long distances. Many people realize this and decide to simply travel with a pair of eye glasses. However, with a little bit of preparation there are a few tips that can make traveling with contact lenses a breeze.

What To Do On The Airplane

Experienced travelers can agree that wearing contact lenses on an airplane is not always a good idea. The air inside the plane cabin can quickly dry out the contact lenses making them very uncomfortable to wear. The lower oxygen levels and the dry air in the cabin can cause dry eye, redness, tiredness and even popping out of the eye. If you do decide to wear contact lenses on a long flight, there are few essentials that every traveler should bring.

What Contact Supplies To Pack

Buy travel-sized bottles of contact lens solution and moisturizing drops. The small size will follow TSA guidelines, allowing you to bring them with you in your carry-on. Larger quantities may not be permitted in your checked baggage. Additionally, if you pack them in your luggage there is a chance your belongings may get lost or delayed during air travel, and with it your eye care necesities.

 Pick The Right Contact Lenses

If you are traveling on a long distance vacation, you can also consider wearing daily disposable contact lenses while you travel. They are available in many different brands and prescriptions.  You’ll be able to have a fresh pair of contact lenses to wear every day without having to worry about solutions, eye drops, and contact cases.

Please remember to never clean your contact lenses with tap water! Only use contact lens solution. Tap water may contain particles that can cause eye infections. It’s better to be safe when it comes to eye care, especially when you are traveling. If you experience any eye discomfort, switch to your glasses immediately and contact an eye physician.

Contact Lens Feature – Focus Dailies Total 1

DailieTotal1LensesAs a contact wearer you know that irritation can be an issue. It’s no wonder when you consider you’re putting something in your eye, and if you’re going to put something in your eye, you want it to be as comfortable and natural as possible. There is nothing worse than trying to get through your day with scratchy, uncomfortable eyes. When your eyes or contacts are bothering you, it seems as if they are all you can think about. If you are one of the many that have this issue, then Focus Dailies Total 1 might be the solution you are looking for.


If you think about it, your eyes like to be moist. When it comes to contact lenses, comfort is important. Dry eyes are uncomfortable and irritating, so a contact lens with plenty of moisture is something you should look for. The Focus Dailies Total 1 has over 80% water on the surface of the lens, so it is pretty close to feeling as if you do not have anything in your eye.


Breathability is also something you should consider when researching contacts. A contact lens that feels as if it is stuck to your eyeball is never pleasant. Daily contacts can be of help here. They tend to be more breathable than longer wear contacts. The Focus Dailies 1 Total is the most breathable contact of all disposable lenses. In fact, compared to typical contacts they are six times more breathable.


Natural tears are the best for your eyes when it comes to combating dry eyes and irritations such as allergies and dust. If you wear contacts, you know that sometimes your eyes simply do not make enough tears to be comfortable. The Focus Dailies Total 1 contain fosfatidilcolina (PC) which is a gradient that is also present in natural tears.


The advantage of daily contacts is that you get to start each and every day with a new pair. It’s like seeing the world with a new pair of eyes each and every day. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Buying Contacts With Coupons

It’s easy to see that online shopping has become a staple in modern business practice. Customers can shop at any hour of the day and have their purchases shipped wherever they would like. It’s easy to compare the prices and quality of various different vendors and stores. Additionally, online shopping allows for the use of redeemable coupon codes and special offers. Customers can even buy their contact lenses on the Internet and use coupon codes to help save money.

Search The Web For Deals
Many different stores and businesses feature a small selection of eye glasses and contact lenses when shopping online. There are others who offer the world’s best collection of contact lenses and provide coupons and promotions so customers can enjoy their new eyewear with a small impact on their wallets. If you take the time to search around the internet, you may find special deals to help you save on your next purchase.

Look For Coupon Stacking Opportunities
When shopping around for contact lenses, you should be aware of several offers to help magnify your savings. If you see a special deal you like, be sure to check out the manufacturer’s website to see if they provide any additional coupons or rebates on their products. Another tip is to check out competitor prices. There are several websites designed for comparison shopping, allowing customers to compare the prices of various goods against those of a different provider. Some companies even take competitor coupons; so be sure to keep an eye out on those special deals.

Have The Coupons Emailed To You
Another way to save is to sign up for e-mail newsletters and regularly check the company’s Facebook page and other social media outlets. As part of their marketing strategy, many businesses will place special offers and promotions on their social media in order to amass more followers and fans. These promotions can be easily shared with family and friends. This is such a great way to check out the latest deals. By signing up for e-mail newsletters, businesses may send coupons regularly that you can print out or use online.