10 Reasons We’re Thankful for Clear Vision (And You Should Be Too)

Whether you wear contacts or glasses, there are an abundance of reasons why seeing with crisp, clear vision should have us jumping off the walls with excitement and outbursts of uncontrollable euphoria. After all, the simple fact that we can see anything is pretty awesome and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why clear vision is the bee’s knees. Look them over and tell us if you agree!

1. First and foremost, we can see. Everything. We can look out the door and see a damp city street, a bird on the shutter, a crack in the sidewalk, the grumpy bus driver’s scowl — appreciate the little things.

6196692014_43b986f0ab2. Streets are safer and car accidents are easily avoidable because we can see the drivers around us (though it certainly helps if your eyes are on the road and not your phone).

3. We know which public restroom NOT to walk into. Don’t worry guys and gals; you’re not missing out on anything in the other one.

4. Applying makeup isn’t a game of chance. You don’t have to guess where your lips end and your skin begins. And covering up blemishes works a lot better when you can actually see them. Instead of taking your glasses on-and-off while you apply cosmetics to your lids, simply pop in a set of comfortable, breathable Acuvue contact lenses.

5. We can see (read: admire or inspect) our food before we eat it. Whether it’s a big delicious bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream or a plate of slimy raw oysters on the half-shell, sometimes we eat with our eyes.

6. Movies – in IMAX. Yep, that’s good stuff. Plus, wearing 3D glasses over our regular glasses just seems a bit cumbersome if you ask us.

7. Dazzling holiday light displays. Sometimes they’re truly over the top, but other times…they’re even MORE over the top. There’s such thing as too many lights, people. Without clear vision, all you’d see is a big, glowing blob.11737790096_0e3b8c0016_b

8. We can see those rare, effervescent gems called, celebrity mug shots. On those days at work that just don’t go your way, it’s just nice remind yourself that at least you weren’t arrested at 3 AM last night.

9. Space. Though we don’t know much about it, it’s still incredibly eye-opening to look up at the stars or at photos of lunar missions, planets and distant galaxies. For lenses that you can utilize day-and-night, check out the “extended wear” capabilities of PureVision contacts by Bausch & Lomb.

10. Giraffes – in all of their strange glory. Just go to the zoo and see one up close. They’re amazing. Heck, they might even be alien creatures from those far-away galaxies sent here to…smell our cars! I mean, wow, just look at that thing.


These are just a few of the many, many, many reasons to be glad about your ability to see. (Cue that ‘I can see clearly now the rain is gone’ song.) There are megatons of things to see and be thankful for out in this wonderful world, so go ahead, start looking for yourself and tell us if you have any to add!

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