Better With or Without Glasses: Pop Icons of the ‘80s

pop icons 80s

  The 1980s were a wonderfully wild and flamboyant time for pop. Drenched in funky street style, bold colors, and amazing talent, all we can say is, thank goodness there were cameras to catch all its glittering amazingness! Keep reading for looks from those who did it the best during this fine decade: Prince, Cyndi […]

How Do Glow in the Dark Contacts Work?

glow in the dark contacts

Have you ever been out dancing and noticed someone next to you with glowing eyes? You (probably) weren’t seeing things ‒ glow in the dark contacts are a totally real thing. Previously reserved for Halloween costumes, these spooktacular lenses can now be found out just about any weekend thanks to their new home at nightclubs. […]

What’s the Deal with Eye Boogers?

what causes eye boogers

Eye boogers…everyone gets ‘em, but does anyone actually know anything about them? We mean, besides the fact that they’re a dead give-away that you’ve just woken up. In this piece, we’re going to explore all the nitty-gritty, lesser known facts of the mysterious eye booger, including what they are, why we get them, and if […]

The Most Fashionable Frames Through the Decades

most fashionable frames through the decades

The invention of eyeglasses was a total game-changer, as you can imagine. These accessories have undergone a huge transformation since their early days in the 13th century, when they were little more than leather and glass resting carefully on the tip of one’s nose. In this post, we’ll explore the most fashionable frames from every […]

What Does it Mean if There are Floaters in My Eyes?

what does it mean when there are floaters in my eyes

Have you ever noticed a mysterious, squiggly dark line appear when staring at something “blank,” like the sky or a white wall? If so, then you’ve likely got an eye floater. They can take on different shapes, but most people describe them as a dark (black or gray) spot or line that drifts around your […]