Better With or Without Glasses: 2016 Presidential Candidates

Presidential candidates have been gearing up for the November 2016 election for almost an entire year now. And we have to say, it’s been a wild election year thus far! With several more months to go, it’s safe to say the whirlwind will continue right up until Election Day. Now, we’re not here to talk […]

4 Household Remedies for Pink Eye

homemade pink eye remedies

If you’ve ever woken up with a crusty, pink, itchy eye, then you’ve likely experienced the nuisance that is pink eye. Also called conjunctivitis, it spreads like wildfire, which is why it’s so important to nip it in the bud as soon as symptoms show up. While your doctor can churn out a quick prescription […]

Better With or Without Contacts? Game of Thrones Cast

game of thrones cast in glasses and contacts

Summer days may be rolling in, but Game of Thrones fans know that winter is coming! Now in its sixth season, the mega hit HBO show has viewers on the edge of their seats every Sunday evening, filled with anticipation, excitement, and oftentimes shock (HOLD THE DOOR…!). Everyone’s got a favorite character, and from week […]

The 411 on Contact Lens Cleaning Solution

all about contact lens cleaning solution

Contact lens cleaning solution is a must for any contact wearer. That precious bottle of liquid-y goodness is doing all kinds of good for your eye health, whether you know it or not. Curious to know exactly what we’re talking about? Then keep reading. Today we’re covering all things contact lens solution. We bet by […]

Why Are Night Vision Goggles Green?

why are night vision goggles green

The nighttime is great for a bunch of things, like stargazing, dancing (it’s mostly too awkward to do in pure daylight, right?), bonfires and ghost stories. With the sun gone and darkness setting in, there’s a total mood and vibe to the night that can’t be beat. But you know what kinda puts a damper […]